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Les Coombes is the founder and owner of Pizienwell Arts which was established in 1985. Les believes in a friendly, honest approach to his customers, a number of whom have been bringing their framing to him for many years, combined with personal service, advice and quality frames and framing.

At Pizienwell Arts, we think it is essential when framing any artwork that the entire framing package is in harmony with it and does not take the viewer's attention away from the subject. Custom framing will enhance the appearance of your picture when the colours in the mount and/or frame harmonize with it. Your precious items need to be treated with respect and importance and at Pizienwell Arts we will frame them to the highest standards with the most appropriate materials and techniques. We believe that framing is an essential part of the artwork and our experienced craftsman knows instinctively the most effective way to display your art treasures.


"I came to Les with a really challenging project, for which he created a bespoke reinforced layered frame to support an extremely heavy hanging sculpture. He spent a lot of time carefully helping me select exactly the right colour matches of wood for the piece, until I was totally happy. Les was so professional and reassuring to work with that I felt I could trust him with such a precious and unique piece of art. Both myself and my clients were absolutely delighted with the finished piece of work. The frame finished off the artwork perfectly and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Les to anyone else. He is as much an artist at what he does as the people whose work he frames"
CJ Munn

"Les is a master craftsman with an artistic eye. I wouldn't trust the framing of my artwork to anyone else" Barbara Neill-Bottle

The Pizenwell Art's Studio
in Maidstone, Kent

Les Coombes
Founder & Owner
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